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In business since 1996 and on-line since 1999. Our portal of web properties include:,,,, and dozens more. is a division of L.C., LLC, we own and operate a portfolio of surgery financing web properties. 

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After your application is received, you will receive an instant message notifying you that your application has been pre-approved, co-signer required or is pending and being reviewed. Your approval status will be sent to you via e-mail or you may phone our office at Toll Free, 1-888- 502-8020.


Processing Time


Your loan application is generally processed within 15 minutes depending on the lending partners reviewing your application. Though is committed offering prompt results, if further review will help you receive loan approval, we will take the extra time to ensure that you are given the best chance to receive a loan.


Approval Procedures


Once your application is approved, we will need some additional information to process your loan. Since we provide funds directly to your provider, our loan representative will need to know the name of your surgeon, anesthesiologist and surgical facility. We will also need to know the date of your scheduled surgery. You may call your loan representative with this information immediately.

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